Natural Histories: Public Art by Larry Kirkland

This large-scale volume features color photographs, drawings, original sketches and plans chronicling the work of Larry Kirkland, a Washington, D.C.-based designer of public art installations. Larry Kirkland’s projects include marble sculptures, fountains, hanging sculptures, wall engravings and entire urban plazas and parks. His work can be found in major institutional buildings, airports and train stations, libraries, cruise ships, and research facilities.

The Place Itself: Selected Work of BAR Architects

BAR Architects is a San Francisco-based firm that designs mixed-use centers, arts and entertainment venues, universities, wineries, country clubs, retailers, and housing of all types. Since its inception in 1966, BAR has been a leader in environmental sustainability. The firm has received numerous awards, including a Presidential Citation, and was named firm of the year by the American Institute of Architects California Council.